Who is Myra Matejka?

Born and raised in Cedar Rapids, Myra has been a Cedar Rapidian her entire life.  Her professional experience includes ten years of account management for APAC and Tom Cardella.  As a mother of four, Myra left her work in the call center industry to stay home with her children and never looked back.  Myra currently homeschools her youngest daughter, Ayla, and enjoys the adventures of exploring the world of learning through her eyes.  Myra and Ayla can often be found out and about in the community doing volunteer work and helping anywhere they see a need. Her hobbies include photography, piano, guitar, and cooking.

Why the Libertarian Party?

Like many, Myra found the Libertarian Party through Ron Paul's presidential run in 2012.  Feeling a discord with both the Republican and Democrat Parties, Myra was in search for a political option that held her passion for civil liberties for all people, her desire for fiscal responsibility, and support for the free market.  Never before had she known that there was a party able to fit all of these ideals.

Myra has been working within the Libertarian Party of Iowa for four years.  During this time she has worn many hats including Chair of Linn County Libertarians and District 1 representative, as well as serving on the convention and audit committees.  She is a member of the Pragmatic Libertarians of Iowa Caucus.  She has taught in High School government classrooms, performed community education and outreach in numerous settings, participated in voter registration drives, and aided several Libertarian candidates running for office throughout her district.  Myra touts that one of her best days of being a part of the LPIA was going to Des Moines to file the paperwork establishing major party status.  She says, "Our education efforts and community outreach is spreading liberty like wildfire.  Our hard work is paying off.  It would be difficult to not be aware that I am apart of great historical milestones. "